Jonny EOL (jonny_eol) wrote in camp_victory,
Jonny EOL


Firstly, an apology. I won't be camping at M'era Luna this year. We've sorted out a rather innovative travel arrangement, but a side-effect is that we won't be arriving on-site until the first band on Saturday morning. There's no way I'm going to be able to set up camp and get settled in time, so I'll be in the Gasthaus on this occassion.

However, I do have a friend (not really internet active) who still wants to join Camp Victory, and she's looking for someone to travel to the site with. Is there anyone who is travelling to M'era Luna and would appreciate the company of someone new? Any method of travel is OK.

This does sound a little awkward, but I still want to help her out as she can't travel with us (for various complicated reasons).
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