gether_than_thou (gethrees) wrote in camp_victory,

Timetable Announced

Oi Oi,

The band timetable has been announced and can be found on . Personally I have been screwed on Sunday afternoon as so many of the bands that I had wanted to see: Lacuna Coil, Zeraphine, Flesh Field and Melotron are appearing at the same time over the two stages and so will have to start to work out which of these are more important and not only to me, but to my lovely camping partner to, as it is her first time at the festival and doesn't want to be left alone too long.

Whilst I'm babbling, in walking distance/time, how close is the nearest supermarket/food shop (for bread, milk tea bags etc)? Last time I was at the festival I solely stayed on the campsite, however, the cups of tea were appallinmg and am going to need to make my own. So it would be nice on the first day to set-up tent and then go to supermarket, is this feasible?
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