Camp Victory

Complete Victory or Total Annihilation

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There shall be much rejoicing and victory

This is a community for people to discuss outdoor goth/metal festivals across europe and to arrange camping together.

In particular festivals such as M'era Luna and Wacken Open Air but not *just* those two...
This community is meant for outdoor camping festivals as indoor festivals already have their own communities(whitby, wgw, infest_uk and convergence).

-- Please stay on topic. Outdoor camping festivals are the way forwards here.

-- To maximise understanding across the borders please try to post in English. It doesn't matter if you feel your English isn't very good, it's probably far better than my German/Spanish/Italian/insert-other-language :)

-- If you want to post your pictures after a good festival, please feel free to do so, but put them under LJ-CUT

-- Also put festival event flyers under Cut Tags

-- Repeated spamming and completely off topic posts will be frowned upon at first and cause removal later. If you would like to post about general European events or have questions please feel free to use eurogoth.

-- Be nice. Don't slag off events just for the sake of it and don't slag off fellow posters. Discussions are ok and deserved criticisms are understandable, but let's try to be civil.

The idea for this community arose when myself(panzerbjrn), spikety_bastard and posthuman_angel decided we wanted to go to M'era Luna and Wacken. We needed a way to communicate easily while also giving others who wanted to come along an easy way of staying in touch.
I think that the camping success we had in .DE in 2005 proves that it was a good idea...
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